Steel Doors

Insulated & bonded with infill of honeycombed paper core for general and scientific doors / Rockwool for Fire Doors, forming a rigid flush fitting stress free level leaf that will withstand high levels of duty without failure. Innovated flush double glazed vision panels available constructed of vacuum sealed clear toughened glass unit.

Ironmongery has a range of indigenous and imported hardware in Stainless Steel.

Door frames and door shutters are coated with Epoxy based polyurethane powder coating/ Polyurethane Liquid paint as per customer requirement.

Double DoorsR-23-01I

Steel Doors with Plain/ embossed design on the surface with finish of decorative patterns. These doors combine the strength of steel with the elegance of wood grain decorative pattern and can be used in both Residential/ Commercial applications offering high aesthetics and maintenance-free performance.

Single Doors


These door sets can be custom designed for individual project requirements while incorporating special features in addition to the vision panels, ironmongery and wide range of colour finish


Stainless Steel Doors

Stainless Steel Doors are designed to meet harsh environmental exposure to chemicals, water, steam, laboratories, bottling plants, food processing plants, hospital surgery rooms and all humid environments. StainStainless-Steel-Doorsless steel doors and frames are available in standard and custom designs for non-residential construction. They are ideal when design and desired appearance require an extra touch of class. Stainless steel doors are offered in a complete range of sizes. Special sizes can be made on request






Scientific Doors

These doors can withstand exposure to chemical washing and are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for clean and hygienic applications including USFDA/WHO/CGMP approvals. Scientific doors facilitate highest Scientific-Doorsstandards of hygiene for clean room environment in industries like pharmaceuticals, Bio-technologies, food, Micro Electronics Industries and hospitals. These fully flush type doors available in galvanized steel and stainless steel are provided with a range of indigenous and imported ironmongery in stainless steel. These door sets can be custom designed for individual project requirements while incorporating special features in addition to the vision panels, ironmongery and wide range of colour finish



Fire Rated Door

The application and use of Fire Rated Doors is of critical importance in buildings and areas needing to compartmentalize and contain the spread of fire. Steel fire rated doors are used to protect life and property in the event of fire related emergencies compartmentalising fires. For this, the door must serve as a fire and smoke barrier. Fire-Rated-DoorStudies have shown that more people have lost lives due to smoke asphyxiation than fire. While the cause of fire could be arson, short circuit, gas leakage or sheer negligence, the range of passive fire doors are designed to restrict their spread and save lives.






Duct / Shaft / Access Doors

Access Doors, also called Access Panels, are useful for providing access to an area that requires some level of protected entry. Access Doors are used in a wide variety of applications including drywall, plaster, firerated, valve Duct-Shaft-Access-Doorsboxes, floor hatches and security access doors. Access doors also include doors for larger installations such as roof hatches, floor hatches and walk through access doors. Duct access doors are designed to provide convenient, economical access to duct components. Duct access doors can have insulated door panels, along with the gasket between the door and frame which can assure a tight seal without obstruction the system. These doors are commonly available in either hinged or double cam construction.





General Doors


Steel door sets offer distinct advantages over other door system.They offer higher protection against vandalism,fire,burglary  are relatively and are relatively maintenance free.They are more robust than timber/pvc/upvc/aluminium and are preferred by many Residential / commercial enterprises for various design option while meeting safety and security parameters.Our general doors have,over the years proved to be maintainance-friendly,long lasting and eco-friendly.