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Ram Shakthi Industries follows stringent quality norms by maintaining high quality raw material, periodic in-process inspections and itemized reporting. Due to the strong and continuous effort of the company, we have successfully achieved the trust of elite companies, and are proud to be among very few vendors to be given the green channel route of supply.

We are also flexible with 3rd party quality inspection which allows our customers to have quality inspected here at our manufacturing site itself.

Ram Shakthi Industries is well equipped with machines for testing and inspection and follows a stringent time based inspection relating to inward, in-process and final movement of its products. Advanced
quality measures taken at Ram Shakthi Industries ensure that focus is on Quality, not only of our products but also of our processes
and our people. This has enabled us to stand tall amongst our competitors in market across the world. We are a customer driven organization focused on achieving and exceeding customer expectations.

Structure of the efforts towards Quality Following needs are addressed.

Quality Policy, Quality Objectives, Control of Documents & Records, Control of non -conforming product and service

 Quality Policy

At Ram shakthi Industries “working together as a team, we will provide products and services that meet or exceed customer and industry specifications and standards. We are committed to continual improvement in all areas of our business to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industries we serve.”

The policy is explained and discussed at general orientation training given to all existing and new employees. The policy is also posted in conspicuous locations throughout the Company.

In the implementation of this policy, all employees of the Company share the responsibility to ensure quality. Quality system and program requirements are set forth to assure that all company personnel follow appropriate procedures throughout the entire life cycle of our products and services, spanning from new product design to final installation and service.